Built on years of experience in hi-tech and industrial technology, CBGL ia a team ready to provide your business with smart solutions to difficult projects. Wheather you are a large company looking in a new direction, or a small business trying to consolidate a market niche. We have the experience to adapt to customer needs and ensure that our service is custom made to suit your specific requirements.

Our portfolio of services is diverse covering a range of specialist services.
We provide an unrivalled combination of scientific and engineering experts with a wealth of experience in their fields and extensive analytical tools, specialist software, equipment, laboratory and engineering facilities.

The Technical Consultancy vision is to be the partner of choice for high value consultancy services to the semiconductor industry, shipyard industry & energy sector. Adding value by delivering innovative solutions, having a practical approach and utilising the knowledge and experience of our people to solve our customers' issues. 


Services Include:

Project and construction management

  • Engineering, design and Research

  • Technology Transfer QA/QC Management and procedures

  • Budget and cost analysis

  • Optimization and energy conservation studies

  • Project Programming

  • Risk assessment, studies and FMECA

  • CE marking conformance evaluation and TCF

  • Quality management and Third Party QA/QC audits

  •  Industrial process & design evaluation

  •  Facilities and installation engineering

  •  Moving value equipment

Assistance for application of codes & standards

  • ASME BPVC Section IX Welding Procedures

  • ASME BPVC Section V NDT

  • ASME BPVC Section III

  •  ASME B31.3 and BPE pharmaceutical

  • ISO/AFNOR/DIN/BS equivalency

  • RCCM Levels 1,2,3